Policy statement on the quality of management system certification services

S.C. CertRom S.R.L. aims to demonstrate and provide confidence to all stakeholders: certified clients, clients of certified clients, accreditation body, authorities, etc. to this end, S.C. CertRom S.R.L. has documented, implemented and maintains an overall management system in accordance with SR EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Conformity Assessment. Requirements for bodies performing audit and certification of management systems.

At the center of the CertRom management system specific performance requirements applied in the audit programs for certification of client management systems, which provide confidence to all certification stakeholders that CertRom certified client management systems meet the requirements specified in the applicable standards, are:

  • Impartiality in the provision of certification services to all applicants wishing to certify their management system, giving them confidence that the process is not influenced by other interests or parties;
  • Competence of the audit staff involved in the evaluation process;
  • Responsibility in the application of assessment and decision procedures for the certification of customer Management Systems;
  • Transparency through access to information about its procedures, audit and certification processes, the certification status of any client, to maintain confidence in the integrity and credibility of certification;
  • Maintaining confidentiality and professional secrecy regarding information received from clients in order to protect their interests;
  • Handles incoming complaints and appeals in an appropriate manner, making a reasonable effort to resolve them in a timely and fair manner, keeping errors, omissions or inappropriate behaviour to a minimum.

The strategic objectives of the policy in the field of quality of certification services established by the management of S.C. CertRom S.R.L. are:

  • maintaining RENAR accreditation for the certification of management systems;
  • broadening the horizons of evaluation staff employed and collaborating with CertRom;
  • increase customer confidence in the quality of management system certification services;
  • continuous development of the competence of evaluation staff and awareness of their importance in ensuring the quality of services;
  • continuous improvement of the management systems assessment activity;
  • developing methods for promoting certification services provided by CertRom;
  • strengthening its position on the market as a certification body for management systems;
  • customer portfolio development.

As Director General, I require all staff to act in accordance with these principles in order to deliver services at the highest level of performance, to achieve stated policy and to reach set targets, and I commit to allocate all financial resources to equipment and upgrades, training, documentation and qualified staff with management systems responsibilities.

Data: October 2019

General Manager