Organic agriculture

Certification in the field of organic farming consists in verifying the permanent observance of the community and national requirements for agricultural holdings (vegetable / animal), production units, processing / preparing, distributing / placing on the market, storing, importing and exporting as well as issuing attestation documents in conformity of agri-food products resulting from organic production in accordance with the applicable standards.

Stages of certification


This is made by the interested operator, who contacts CertRom-OC by phone, e-mail or by visiting the company’s office to get information about the environmental control/certification process. This completes and submits to CertRom-OC the form “Application/Questionnaire for self-assessment of certification of organic products”, available on the CertRom website,

Request analysis

It is carried out by CertRom’s competent staff to ensure that the following conditions are met before the conclusion of a contract for inspection and certification of organic products are met under the following conditions:

  • the operator’s requirements for organic certification are clearly defined, documented and understood;
  • there is the capability to provide the organic product certification service with regard to the scope of the required organic product certification, the location of the operator’s activities and any other special requirements;
  • any differences of understanding between the parties are resolved.

Conclusion of the contract

The conclusion of the control and certification contract is made after the analysis of the request results are favorable and the tariffs are accepted by the operator. After the conclusion of the contract with OC CertRom, the operator must register in the organic farming system at the county agricultural departments to which they belong.

Initial evaluation of the activity (documentation and on-site control)

After signing the contract, the operator is requested to send the necessary documents for carrying out the control activities. After performing the control activity at the operator, the control is completed with a control report containing the control findings, prepared by the Inspector designated CertRom and countersigned by the operator.

In situations where irregularities/violations are found, they are treated according to the sanctions catalog, publicly available on the website

Analysis and certification decision

It is performed by CertRom staff , whome after the analysis of the file issues the decision to grant or not grant certification. In case of a favorable decision, the certificate of conformity and the related annexes shall be issued.

Activity supervision

During the validity period of the certificates issued by CertRom-OC, supervision activities of the operators are carried out, which is materialized by additional announced/unannounced controls.

For more information, please refer to the document “General rules and conditions for the control and conformity certification of products from organic production“.